Healthy on a budget !


First of all, I wanted to share this, because when I saw it, I just laughed like crazy =D 

WEIRD, huh ?



My harmstring is stronger everyday ! I’m so happy. I was able to workout more this week (elliptical, short runs, upper body weight lifting !) It feels good ! I love sweating, I feel so high and hyper after my workout. And when I workout, I eat healthy, sleep enough… Just awesome !

I miss yoga, BodyPump and spin classes… But soon… =)



Live healthy on a budget …

My whole life, I was kind of spoiled by my parents (they are really generous with me, I travelled, they paid for my school… I’m really grateful for that) so sometimes I’m far from the reality when it comes to money. I never really checked the price of my food, if I  want some new clothes (not fancy brands though), I don’t really restrict myself. Careful, I’m not a spoiled girl, who can’t stand No for an answer or who wears design clothes…  Just, I’m not used to money issues, to check the prices, to live on a budget…

But we talked ! I’m about to start my own life, to have a work, a new place… And until I have a job, we decided that I’ll have a budget to get used to it ! I mean who go to Bahamas for the holidays or  try every new food available in the grocery store when they just start working and don’t have a huge salary ??? So I needed to get back to reality ! My childhood is over =) So I ask them to help me to be more realistic.

So I have a food budget and I’m grateful for that because it’s a good transition between my student life and my future life.

I was shocked when I discovered how expensive Starbucks is! I mean I used to go one or twice a day when I was in college in USA. Let’s do some calculus: 365*2 *2= 1460 $ a year !! (I don’t remember the price for a coffee so I say 2 $. When you save just ONE dollar every day, you save 365 $ a year…I love Starbucks, it brings me good memories, so I won’t stop to go, but not too often !


I’d rather save some money and travel to see my friends !

This takes me to my next point : Make priorities : I’d rather spend money on healthy food than expensive clothes, gym membership rather than a new laptop/iphone/technology stuff…

To save more money, I was thinking about cooking more legumes/grains (so cheap and healthy !).

For dairy and eggs, it’s important for me to buy organic, because it’s better for the animals and for my health =) I eat meat now (I used to be a vegan and vegetarian) but I make sure it’s free-range meat ! So I don’t want to save money on animal products (I’m talking about quality, not amount)

I don’t want to buy 100% organic as I used to (my bills are just crazy when I go to the organic grocery store ). I buy organic grapes, apples and tomatoes (because I eat the skin) But I don’t care if my almonds, my nuts, my sweets potatoes or bananas are organic or not.

Few or No prepared food (it’s healthier and cheaper). And I love to cook.

I don’t need to try everything new ! I feel like I’m a junky when I go to the grocery store and I buy every new thing !! It’s just insane !! So make a food list will help me !

Frozen berries and frozen veggies are convenient and really cheap too (in France at least).

I don’t need expensive anti-cellulite lotion because A. I don’t have cellulite (or not much at least) B. It’s more useful to eat healthy ! and C. It’s probably full of chemicals and other craps !


What are your budget tips ? What are your “budget priorities” ? Do you find it hard to live healthy on a budget ?

Have a great day !


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  1. Isn’t it crazy that eating healthy is so expensive? Baffles me! The way I try to save money is by buying at the local farmers markets, produce there is a lot cheaper than at the grocery store. I always find I can save significantly there.

  2. I would much rather spend money healthy food and medical things and what not than clothes too. It’s possible to dress cute on a budget, but I’m not willing to sacrifice my health! Unfortunately I have to buy a lot of prepared foods because I’m so busy, but I’m willing to pay a little extra for better quality stuff.

  3. that soo funny coz today at 7am i wake up i tought what about having a look on my finance!
    guess what I spend 85€ this week only to eat…
    a lot of japanese..
    i thing the best way to save up money is to cook.
    buy veggies/lean protein and cook

  4. I am so with you here… I spend so much money on healthy food, but I would much rather have m y money go there than clothes or other stuff I don’t really need! I complain about being poor a lot (err which I am) but it’s my own fault, I don’t save very well

  5. I find it can be tricky to be healthy on a budget, but I go without a lot of other things to compromise for the healthy food I eat. I rarely ever eat out unless it is with my fiance, I don’t waste money on excess beauty supplies or hair accessories, I make my own protein bars instead of buying has also helped to buy in bulk from Costco. I hear you on the coffee, I started making mine at home when I figured I spent that much a day on just coffee.

  6. My budget tips are planning meals ahead of time, pre-cooking meals (generally cheaper and healthier then anything store bought) and making shopping lists. Otherwise every time I walk into a shop I get swepped away by all the tempting options available 😉

  7. I calculated my Sbucks spending habits over the weekend and was SHOCKED *gasp* at how much it comes out to be a year… Def cutting back on my daily habit! This year it’s one of my goals to save more $$$ and I think fewer Sbucks’s will def help!

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