Back + enlightening book =)


My laptop passed out…. so no laptop for a month !

So for a few weeks, i had no tv, no internet, no laptop… just my phone…. Technology diet ! But i actually enjoyed it ! It helps me to focus more about my real life, and myself =) But I’m glad I have my laptop back in my life (and I bought a TV too :p )


I’ve been really busy and I really really love my life right now ! My job is really interesting, my team is so fun and nice !


I also made some “dietary changes”. I’m a former vegetarian (then almost vegan then vegetarian) but in fall i started eating fish again because I had huge cravings for salmon ! And it was awesome, I felt so good, no guilty, healthy….

Then in december I started eating chicken again because I had some cravings…. but then I started to eat more meat than I was actually craving because I went back to a “lower carb/high protein” mentality … I dont know why, but sometimes I just start thinking “i need to cut my carbs and eat more chicken to look better” even if I was really healthy…. and I stopped my intuitive eating, started feeling guilty about the chicken (former vegetarian for ethics)… and started to indulge too much (more than I actually wanted), gained weight, overeat, restrict (“i need to eat just chicken+veggies because I ate way too much yesterday…)…. No good at all !

But my “technology diet” really helped me go through it ! I took some time to think about my past eating habits … When did i feel healthy ? when did I loose/gain weight ? when and what food I was eating when I had a lot of energy and was happy ? how did i do ? how i felt ?

And then I realized than i wasn’t paying attention to my body anymore, and I was listening to some rules (“no carbs at night”, “meat and veggies”, “no saturated fat”…AND IT ‘S NOT RIGHT ! When I used the ‘intuitive eating ” mentality, my body never ever betrayed me. If I wanted some butter, I’d have it (and my body doesnt crave huge amount of it). If I really want some oatmeal with mealted dark chocolate as my dinner, why not ? Its better than eating my fish and veggies and then binge on cereals !

I don’t eat any meat lately (just fish because I truly love it 🙂 ) but I won’t call myself a pescetarian (I don’t need this title to define myself =) ). If one day I crave it, I’ll eat it ! I crave fish/seafood several times a week but no everyday…


Intuitive eating, and mindfullness are so important in my life ! I feel so much better and relaxed (Thanks Carbs ! )


I’ve been reading an awesome book ! “The gifts of imperfection” by Brene Brown … such an amazing book. It’s about being yourself. The best book I’ve ever read. I have no words to describe it, but it’s really helpful =)


Have you ever read this book ?

 Food rules or intuitive eating ?


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  1. a month without technology sounds awesome!

    i am still trying to work on the intuitive eating thing. it has gotten WAY better than it used to be but i still have those obsessive thoughts every once in awhile. that books sounds awesome! i’ll need to get my hands on a copy 🙂

  2. Girl it sounds like you are in a really good place. I am so SO happy that you decided to follow your cravings as far as proteins and fats goes. That is awesome, and I am sure your body truly needed what it was telling you it wanted. And yay for being busy, happy, and enjoying your job! 🙂

    • Thank you. It’s hard to find the right balance sometimes but your blog actually helped me a lot ! I do need carbs (Idk why I’m always trying low/no carbs !!) but not a lot, just one serving at every meal (and more PWO). So carbs, protein and fat at every meal (I eat more chicken, fish and eggs, as I said because your blog inspired me ! and my body loves it !)

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