Today, I’m going to lift some weights with my father! It’s going to be cool and hopefully I’ll kick his ass  :p (my father doesn’t like heavy weight lifting). My plan for today is chest/back/arms (tri, shoulders, and biceps)!

And this afternoon, my parents invited me to the spa, so it’s going to be a really relaxing afternoon! I can’t wait!!



Some eats now…

Favorite breakfast of the week ! Coffee + cinnamon and dried fruits toasts with a lot of peanut butter and apricot preserves (no sugar added), mapple syrup ! DAMN GOOD !

Greek yogurt and hazelnut butter + half of a chocolate/hazelnut muffin (Starbucks). Moderation is the key =)

Hummus and crudites

Favorite dinner of the week : veggies and this “roll” made by my mother : Tuna, eggs and cheese !!

Easy and quick snack : Apple and dark chocolate =)

I changed my profile picture yesterday and I’m a little uncomfortable with the « blog and privacy » issue.  How do you deal with it? Are you cool with the fact that everybody can see who you are and your personal story?

Please Share, I’m really interested =) 


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  1. Dont know why, but Ive been addicted to toast and bagels smothered in nut butter lately… So your breakfast looks so freakin good right now. But im in a coffee shop… without nut butter….

    Also – Im not sure what the privacy thing you are referring to? Im curious?

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