Monthly Archives: March 2012

I’m alive !



Sorry i’ve been MIA for a while now !

But I moved in a new city, started a new job, met new people, found a new gym, a new apartment, bought everything for my apartment, went out… Really busy !!

I haven’t really workout but some of my co-workers are going to the same gym than me so I have some workout buddies now =) They go to BodyPump, cycling, but also to the weight lifting room (so they can spot me when I do some bench press =) ).

I like my new job and my team seems really nice ! I used to think the work place wasn’t for me but I actually really enjoy it ! It’s hard sometimes (I have a lot to learn) but my co-workers are really helpful.


I just did 2 Bodypump in the past 3 months (because of my injury) and when I went to the class last week, the trainer told me that I did really good for a come back =) (I didn’t really decreased my weights). Muscle memory ? Most likely !

I forgot ! One of my co-worker also wants to do an half marathon ! So I also have a “running buddy” =)



I ate crap for a while and found myself unable to focus, or having some sugar high/sugar crash. Now I’m trying to find the right amount of carb (enough to have energy, but not too much so I’m not lethargic). It’s complicated, the limit between too much and too little is really tiny !

I don’t like the “low carb” thing, and if I don’t have carbs at lunch, I’ll probably have a huge craving at night !

But too much carbs makes me sleepy…

Friday I had some veggies, one sweet potato and some chicken (cooked with coconut oil) and it was perfect ! (focus and energy until my afternoon snack !)

But Wednesday I have some chicken and brown rice (quite a lot) and I felt terrible until 4pm…


A meal like that is perfect to me :

A glass of kombucha

Cauliflower, chicken, tomato and millet (made with squash nuts and a few raisins)


Are you sensitive to carbs ? What is the amount of carbs that your body can handle ? How do you do ?