Monthly Archives: July 2012

And I tried Crossfit !


First of all, I’m sorry. I’ve been MIA again ! But I’m so busy, I just have a little time to check my favorite blogs… so I have no time to post ….


Anyway… A short post to let you know I’m still alive and happy !


I tried Crossfit this week and I’m in love like everyone ! I’m gonna buy a membership but I will keep my gym membership because I love BodyFlow and RPM too. It’s pretty expensive to have two gym memberships (and a horse…) but working out is one of my favorite thing on earth ! Since I’m not really a “shopping/fashion” kind of girl, and I dont drink, I guess I can afford this =)


I dont like when the gym is crowded, so Crossfit is perfect ! Yesterday we were only 3 ! And 2 trainers !

The workouts are short but hard. The first class, I thought I was about to puke :p (and the trainer told me “you wont be the first …” Well, no thanks !


Anyway, I’ll try to post soon !


Take care =)