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Spa, scallops and shrimps


Hey ! How is everything going ??


So Sunday I lifted heavy, and it felt so good. I loved it ! I did chest, back, and arms ! The trainer showed me a new move for my biceps and I was sore Monday !

The afternoon, my parents invited me to the spa : sauna, hamam and jaccuzzi !

How relaxing! I really enjoyed it =)

After my talk with the trainer Sunday, I chose to try a fitness class.. Since my injury, I haven’t gone to a class and really missed it ! I need the instructor, the music, like-minded people …

So monday I chose to go to a CX30 class (Les Mills, see the video below) . It’s an amazing core training, no rest for 30 minutes, good music… Felt really good ! And my leg was fine !


Today, I did some light cardio for 1h30 ! Since I can’t do any sprints, I chose to make a longer workout…So I walked 10 min (a little inclined), then 20 min of elliptical, 10 min walk, biked for 20 min and finished with a 30 min walk.



I just wanted to share this awesome dish (I just no the ingredients, no the measurements)

Shrimps and scallops with coconut milk, tomato sauce, onions and curry!

My mother made this recipe but she doesn’t even know her measurements, she just does it …

So goooooooooood !


What is your favorite seafood ? Favorite fish ??





Today, I’m going to lift some weights with my father! It’s going to be cool and hopefully I’ll kick his ass  :p (my father doesn’t like heavy weight lifting). My plan for today is chest/back/arms (tri, shoulders, and biceps)!

And this afternoon, my parents invited me to the spa, so it’s going to be a really relaxing afternoon! I can’t wait!!



Some eats now…

Favorite breakfast of the week ! Coffee + cinnamon and dried fruits toasts with a lot of peanut butter and apricot preserves (no sugar added), mapple syrup ! DAMN GOOD !

Greek yogurt and hazelnut butter + half of a chocolate/hazelnut muffin (Starbucks). Moderation is the key =)

Hummus and crudites

Favorite dinner of the week : veggies and this “roll” made by my mother : Tuna, eggs and cheese !!

Easy and quick snack : Apple and dark chocolate =)

I changed my profile picture yesterday and I’m a little uncomfortable with the « blog and privacy » issue.  How do you deal with it? Are you cool with the fact that everybody can see who you are and your personal story?

Please Share, I’m really interested =) 

Leg recovery



Easy workout for today (my harmstring is still recovering)

30′ walk+ 10’ Elliptical + 5’ walk


Sauna to sweat and relax; I love going to those warm rooms and just chill, stop thinking and worrying about life. Just breath =)


Because of my injury my doctor prescribed me 10 massages (for free :p). So I had my first session yesterday and it was cool. I hope my harmstring will be healed soon. It’s been more than a month now… But my doctor allowed me to walk and run a little. No yoga because I can’t strech, but I can lift weights for my upper body (no legs workout though).

After the massage, I was able to touch the floor with my fingers !! I used to be really flexible, but since I injured my leg, I can’t even touch the floor !!



Some eats lately…

Whole wheat pasta with some chicken, herbs, and french cheese (yeah sorry, but french cheese is the best :p ) + spinach

Chicken and zucchini with indian spices + beets and radishs

Salad + autumn mix(red rice, chestnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, nutmeg, butternut squash)

Huge salad (egg, smoked salmon, poppy seeds, squash seeds, radish, tomatoes, beets, herbs and sunflower seeds)

Mix of chicken/millet/grapes/squash seeds and marrocan spices + green beans and beets (yeah a lot of beets lately ! )

Salmon Sashimi + crudites+ Kombucha

I like having Kombucha because I feel like I’m taking care of my health, but the taste is kinda weird…

Do you drink Kombucha? For what reasons ?  

Breakfast !



I started running again yesterday. 45′ on the treadmill (30′ walking and 15′ running) and I loved it. I was really careful to my leg and listened to my body. So I stopped after 15 minutes because I really want my harmstring to recover as soon as possible. I miss my workouts !!

Today : Weight lifting >> upper body with heavy weights. I was a great workout, I’m gonna be sore for sure =)



Breakfasts lately…  It’s my favorite meal and when I start with an healthy and filling breakfast, I have a lot of energy and motivation for the whole day =)

I still wonder how some people keep skipping breakfast. If i dont eat it, I ll probably end up eating my arm before lunch ^^

I like variety but I’m also a peanut butter addict so most of my breakfasts have either peanut butter or hazelnut butter. Hazelnut butter is so yummy !

Whole wheat bread with peanut butter + raspberries and exotic fruits

Millet + eggs+ almonds + chia seeds + cinnamon+ vanilla soymilk+ dried mango

Greek yogurt + almond butter+ chia seeds + apple/mango sauce

Greek yogurt + sliced banana + chia seeds + peanut butter

Peanut butter + banana Toasts

Blueberry Overnight Oats : Kefir + oats+ oatbran+ flaxseeds+ chia seeds + bluberries preserve (no sugar added)

Pancakes time !



My medical appointment went well. But to help my harmstring to recover faster, I’m gonna have 10 kinesiolgy appointments (probably massages =) ). My doctor knows how important working out is for me. So she told me than I can walk, run a little (no sprints, and not fast) and keep lifting weights (upper body of course). But no stretch or yoga.

So yesterday : 45’on the treadmill, inclined walk to keep some muscles !



60 gr of chesnuts flour

60 gr of corn flour

One or two spoons of oat bran (Usually I use 125 gr of whole wheat flour, but I didnt have it so I used what I found !)

2 eggs

15 cL of vanilla soy milk

Baking powder

A spoon of hazelnut oil

Mix everything at night and cook it in the morning ! With mapple syrup, peanut butter, jam, banana…

So, Peanut butter and banana pancakes :


Chinese buffet =)



Yesterday I took a Bodyflow class and walked 30 minutes. And my harmstring hurts ! I can’t stretch it !

Today I planned on a legs workout… But I talked to the trainer and he was worried about my leg so I didnt lift weights today. When I explained to the trainer what happened (3 weird noises in my legs, I wasnt able to walk for 2 whole days, I almost blacked out…), he told me it was probably serious and that I need to see a doctor (my injury happened 1 month ago…).

So I need to call my doctor to see what’s up.

I try to pay attention to my body but sometimes I feel like my pain are fake ! I don’t trust myself, and feel like I’m always complaining or in troubles. I didnt see a doctor for my leg because I thought I was just to weak or sensitive and it was probably nothing…

I know the psychologist was shocked by that, because most of the time I dont trust myself and don’t go to the doctor (“that’s nothing, you are just week….”) and end up at the emergency room at the hospital… It happened a few times… I broke my arm when I was younger, and we discovered it 3 days later. Or once I spent one full day with 3 spins inside my body and when the doctors saw it, I had a surgery right away…

Anyway ! So my mission for the week : take care of my leg, see the doctor !

My mission for the rest of my life : listen to my body !

I feel kinda weird sometimes :p



Lunch with my mom : we went to the chinese buffet (thai salad, brocolis, spiced fish and shrimps, and salmon sushis : so not chinese lol). Yummy !

x 2 … (I need more than a plate :p )

Back on track


3 weeks of craziness and a few pounds later, I need to go back to a healthy lifestyle ! To eat clean, to workout, to sleep, to drink more water, to clean my place, to loose those little pounds :p. I feel sluggish and bloated and I hate it! I have no energy and some crazy sweet cravings. Lots of sugar highs and crashs…. So I need to go back on track ! I indulged way to much, didn’t sleep enough…

So yesterday, I really paid attention to my diet.




Weight lifting : upper body and abs

Walked for 30 minutes



Breakfast : oats with vanilla soymilk + sliced banana + hazelnut butter… awwwwwwwwwwwww, so good !


Lunch: green beans and tomatoes/onions/ curry /coconut milk chicken (TRY IT ! So good !)

Snack (after my workout) : greek yogurt + chia seeds + a lot of raspberry jam (no sugar added)

Light dinner tomatoes with poppy seeds and olive oil + salad with nuts/squash seeds/ dried grapes + smoked salmon and a carrot

And I woke up with more energy !!!