And I tried Crossfit !


First of all, I’m sorry. I’ve been MIA again ! But I’m so busy, I just have a little time to check my favorite blogs… so I have no time to post ….


Anyway… A short post to let you know I’m still alive and happy !


I tried Crossfit this week and I’m in love like everyone ! I’m gonna buy a membership but I will keep my gym membership because I love BodyFlow and RPM too. It’s pretty expensive to have two gym memberships (and a horse…) but working out is one of my favorite thing on earth ! Since I’m not really a “shopping/fashion” kind of girl, and I dont drink, I guess I can afford this =)


I dont like when the gym is crowded, so Crossfit is perfect ! Yesterday we were only 3 ! And 2 trainers !

The workouts are short but hard. The first class, I thought I was about to puke :p (and the trainer told me “you wont be the first …” Well, no thanks !


Anyway, I’ll try to post soon !


Take care =)


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  1. Ah le Crossfit, je dois vraiment essayer! Un nouveau centre d’entraînement vient d’ouvrir près de chez moi et il offre des séances de Crossfit. Je dois aller y faire mon tour prochainement.

    • Tu devrais, c’est génial ! Les endorphines sont présentes c’est une certitude, mais je pense que le plus gros impact pour moi va être le mental. Une sensation d’accomplissement, d’avoir plus de volonté et de contrôle… En général, il y a des séances d’essai =)

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