Hi Everyone !


First of all, thanks for visiting my blog.


I’m a 23 years old French girl joining the healthy living blog community ! I spent a little more than a year in USA so my English is far from perfect… But I love the English/American community so I decided to write in English, and sorry if there are a looooooots of mistakes 😉

My food philosophy is “You are what you eat” and “Moderation is the key”.

I had eating disorders for years (binge, bulimia, anorexia…) and I overcame it by eating healthy (no sugar highs and crashs), exercising (I love weight lifting, running, yoga, cycling and horse riding), taking care of myself and going to therapy.

I exercise at least 4 times a week, sometimes 5 or 6 (depends on my workout schedule : sometimes 4 big workouts, sometimes 6 light workouts). I ride horses since I’m 4 years-old, and I have my own horse (I’m just crazy about her !). When I went to the USA in 2009, I started running to compensate the huge amount of food I was eating… One semester later, one of my best friends introduced me to weight lifting and I hated it at first. But weeks later, I was in love with it! And I stopped running…

When I came back to France, I went to therapy and it was a huge help. Since I was going to the hospital, there was a whole team to help me (nurses, doctors and psychologists) and I finally understood what was going on. I learnt a lot about myself, but also about depression/anxiety/psychology… and the food/mood connection. ADHD and sugar, depression and binges, blood sugar and stress…

I know my limits now. I can have some sweets once or twice a week when I feel good, sleep enough, exercise, but not more often. When I start feeling depressed, I’m need to go to the gym and have a good workout ! When I can’t focus, I increase my protein intake…

And I try to feel what my body needs…I try the ” Intuitive eating ” philosophy (junk food is not intuitive eating, if I crave it, I’m probably tired or emotional…). If I give my body what it wants, then I have more energy and feel good =)

I don’t even know if I forgot something ?

Yes, I also find a workout balance. Instead of only running or lifting weights, I do cardio (Spin classes, runs, HIIT, walks, elliptical), weight lifting (heavy weights, or bodypump, or CX Works) and Yoga (I tried Bikram Yoga, BodyFlow…).  I love trying new things =)


So welcome to my blog. I hope you will enjoy it and help me to find some balance in my personnal/fitness life =)


Feel free to send me a message or leave a comment !!

(and try not to pay attention to my English :p)




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  1. hi…i relate to some of this (the disordered habits and depression…currently majorly lost right now…if u are open to chat…send me an email..

  2. hey girl! I just discovered your blog and am loving your outlook on healthy living. I think finding that balance is something all of us ‘healthy living’ bloggers strive for everyday.

    • I actually had a lot of sugar crashes or cravings, and it was really hard (but I also had sugar high but didn’t really notice because it was cool :p)

      I stop eating junk food, cookies, candies (but sometimes I do indulge =) like 1 or twice a week. (the first few days are really really hard, but one week later my cravings are gone)
      I eat almost only whole grains, beans, fruits as my carbs and I always make sure to balance my blood sugar : I don’t eat just an apple as a snack, I eat and apple+almonds. Whole wheat bread + peanut butter, rice+beans, pasta+shrimps…. Fats helped me a lot too ! And I eat 4/5 times a day =)
      I also take some supplements to help: Opti-women (which have 100% chromium : it helps with your blood sugar) and fish oil =)

      Working out helped me a loooooot to keep my blood sugar stable

      Stress management is also really important (I went to therapy and it really changed my life). But yoga is good too !

      Hope it can help you =)

  3. thanks so much for commenting on my blog so I could discover yours! I love your approach to eating disorder recovery – listening to what your body wants. A lot of people think that you’re not “recovered” if you don’t eat junk, but I think that’s crap – eating whole, natural foods really makes the world of difference in how you feel, physically and mentally and energy-wise. And I love the variety in your workouts! Anyway I can’t wait to read more! (oh and your english is excellent!)

    • Thanks Kate ! It means a loooot =)
      I totally agree, whole and real food. Some cookies in moderation. No fake or diet food !
      I’m always confused when I hear some people telling me “aww you don’t eat cookies and french fries every day, or a dessert after every meal… You are not enjoying your life…” because if I eat this kind of food then my energy level goes low and then I’m really not enjoying my life (my REAL life !) =)

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