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Last Wednesday, I had an appointment with the trainer at my gym. She was great. We talked and I told her what kind of workout I was looking for. And she made me a workout schedule. 2 BodyFlow per week, one cycling, and one BodyPump and 1 or 2 weights/cardio workouts (depends if I do BodyPump)

The weights/cardio workout is : 10’ warm-up + weight lifting, then 30min (or more) cardio + stretching => full body workout, almost no rest between the sets (I can do my workout as a circuit training or supersets), heavy weights…

She paid attention to my “body specificities” : shoulders press are too painful for me, I don’t want to focus too much on my legs (they are muscular enough and I run/do clycling a lot so I need some rest), I had an harmstring injury, my back is a bit weak….

Back extension, biceps curls, dips, leg press, butterfly chest, shoulders…. 8 to 12 reps depending on the body part (aww I forgot the 4 sets of 15 dips… I did it today, it was a killer !!)


I tried my new workout today, and it was hard but I loved it ! I feel strong ! And I leg pressed about 260 lbs (120kg/inclined leg press/for me it’s a lot ! ) whooooooo

This trainer was all I needed to be back on track =)



It’s going really well too. Intuitive eating is definitely the key. But I focus more on protein and fat lately (but I have some carbs at every meal !). Reading blogs really help, and I really appreciate Lauren’s or Meg’s….


Some eats now : 

Whole wheat pancake with star fruits, strawberries, coconut and hazelnut butter

Tomato Eggplant + Spelt crepe with 2 eggs, some cheese and black beans : really filling !

Lots of things ! Raw mushrooms, avocado, carrot, brocoli, black beans and shrimps (cooked in coconut oil !)