11 Things !


First, I’m in my new city ! 6 hours and a half but I totally enjoyed my “road trip” (candies and chocolate helped a lot !). So right now, I’m staying at my sister’s =)


Bess tagged me in this eleven things. When I saw that Bess tagged me, I felt so happy! I felt I belong to the Healthy Blog Community! Little things make me happy. I learnt to enjoy all those little things and not to wait for the perfection!


Here are the rules of the eleven things post:

  1. List 11 random things about myself
  2. Answer the 11 questions she asked me
  3. Come up with 11 questions to ask other bloggers
  4. Tag 11 bloggers to do this next


Random things

  1. I’m just crazy about the worst/best song ever : “I’m on a boat”. So many great memories !!
  2. I had an eye surgery at 3 because my eye wasn’t totally open… I’m glad my parents took the right decision. I know they probably freaked out because it was risky but I had the surgery and now my eye is perfectly normal =)
  3. I have a wonderful horse. I met her when she was just 7 and now she’s almost 19 !! I really love her and I would do anything (but absolutely anything for her). It’s one of the best thing that ever happen to me. I perfectly remember the first time I met her…. I slapped her ! Don’t judge… Most disrespectful horse ever !
  4. Sorry Mom but I have to confess: Sometimes I really enjoyed when Fidelle (my horse) was making you fall (Vengeance!!) (such a mean daughter ^^)
  5. I usually don’t lie but once I had a fight with my sister and I totally lied to my parents… And since I never lie, they trusted me and not my sister so she was grounded …
  6. I used to hate running (like haaaaaaaaaaaaate) and going to the gym in middle school (“sorry I have my periods”, walking instead of running…)
  7. I used to do ballet when I was younger…
  8. When I was a child, I used to check under my bed if someone was hiding. Every night ! And every night I was scared to find a psycho under my bed !
  9. I really want to play tennis one day but my motor coordination totally sucks !
  10. I hate Jazz music. I just can’t stand hearing it !
  11. I’m an aerospace engineer but I’m not crazy about aviation, space or aeronautics… I just like physics…

 Questions asked by Bess :

  1. If you could change your name, what would it be? A short name … Léa ?
  2. What is your favorite place to go on vacation? Bahamas (I went once  with my family, it was awesome). I love the USA too (San Fransisco is my  favorite place !)
  3. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done in your life? A midnight  swim with my friends … Lots of fun !
  4. Best dessert you’ve ever had? Kouign Amann. It’s french so most of you probably don’t know it, but it’s so good !!! Main ingredients : butter and sugar … but Yummy !
  5. Favorite workout? BodyPump ! (BodyFlow too)
  6. One thing you wish you could do? Speak English without my terrible French accent :p
  7. What is your guilty pleasure? Sweets ! And listening to my favorite songs really loud (and have my parents pissed off for that !)
  8. If you could speak another language besides the one(s) you already know, what would you chose?  Hindi ! I want to visit India ! (Bucket list !!)
  9. What is your perfect date? (April 25th. Because it’s not too hot, not  too cold, all you need is a light jacket??) Beach or doing something totally stupid, random and stupid =) Nothing too romantic because I’m totally freaking out when it’s romantic (weird right ?)
  10. What was the first pet you ever had? A guinea pig “Kiki” … He lived almost 8 years !!
  11. Favorite motivational quote or picture? “If you are going through hell, keep going”

 Questions for the 11 bloggers

  1. Dark chocolate or Milk chocolate ?
  2. When did you feel proud ?
  3. Do you have any siblings ?
  4. Harry Potter or Twilight ?
  5. Have you ever gone to France (my country!) ?
  6. Do you believe in friendship between guys and girls ?
  7. Left or right-handed ?
  8. If you had a chance to switch bodies with someone you admire, would you do it ?
  9. What is the weirdest thing you do in your everyday life ?
  10. Did you ever check you ex-boyfriend’s facebook page ?
  11. If you won the lottery, would you keep working ?

And I tag :

Haley, Tracy, Lauren, Lena (she just did her first half marathon !!), Tara, Jessica, Kayla, Sarah, Sophie, Kim, and Meg !!


Ready to move !



I’m ready to move !

I said goodbye to my therapist (I’ve been seeing her for one year and a half. I’m so thankful for all the time I spent at the hospital. She was great (I used to hate her at the beginning. But I went through ups and downs, and she was always there (I know that’s her job but still. She was really amazing and annoying sometimes: p . I used to go once a week (sometimes 2 when I really needed it) and the good thing: it was free (so no guilt for me =)) because it was at the hospital.

Anyway, Wednesday I went to the hospital, told her about my new job and that I was moving 7 hours from Paris. We talked and we both agreed that I didn’t need to find someone else, that I learnt a lot about myself, about life, my body, stress… I’m strong now and I feel that I come from far far faaaar away. I feel like I’m a totally different person than a few years ago. I feel peaceful about who I’m. I’m not ashamed of being weird sometimes ^^

I’m so grateful for my family, friends, the hospital, this community! And ME :p .

Ok ok, I won’t keep talking. I just needed to write it =)


I’m moving Tuesday! I’m gonna drive for 7 hours (at least…)…

Now I need to start packing and put my whole life in my car! It’s gonna be interesting… or not !



I had a great week for my workouts too!

Monday : CXWork and 30min walk

Tuesday : BodyFlow and 45’ walk

Wednesday : Weight lifting (back, chest, arms and abs) and cardio (10min walk and 20 elliptical)

Thursday : 30min walk and 30min run (I’m so happy because I’m able to run more now ! My leg is not fully recovered but it’s better !) and Abs

Friday : BodyFlow and 30min walk


I talked with the trainer today, and this week end I’m going to do some legs !!! I haven’t done any weight lifting (legs) for the past 2 months, so I’m gonna do some light weights and see how it goes. Fingers crossed =).

I’m also planning to go back to a BodyFlow class with my mom! She doesn’t workout but I almost convinced her =). I did pretty good this year: my father bought a gym membership and goes 2 (sometimes 3 !) times a week and he even started to weight lifting (Fun story : He used to run and I used to do more weight lifting. He asked me to join him for a run in the woods and I kinda lost him! Since then he does some weight lifting to have strong legs ahahha). And my sister just bought a gym membership (one month ago) because I can’t stop talking about how good I feel after working out (and because she wanted the same a**).

I like sharing my love for fitness, and I love even more sharing it with my family =)

And this week end, I also want to do some cardio (depends on my leg though).


A few eats?

Ricotta cheese, banana, hazelnuts and oats

Salad and veggie pizza (I love pizza!!! And sometimes it’s good to indulge..)

Hummus and chicken on rye bread


Do you workout with your family ? your friends ?

Does your family share your passion for fitness too ?


ANNNNND I FORGOT ! Those who live in Florida or California or a sunny place… Enjoy ! I’m jealous ! It’s -7°Celsius here (19° F). Too cold for me ….


New job, new life, new city…


I was kinda MIA this week but I have a really good reason ! I was really busy. As I said I’m looking for a job. So I had a lots of phone calls this week, a few interviews (one went really really bad, I just wanted to punch the guy in the face… anyway…) and Friday I took a flight and went to an interview in the south of France. I had a few interviews on the phone with the company and loved the project they were offering… It went really well on the phone (with the HR and the project manager) so they wanted to see me ! And it was great ! I loved the company, the people, the project, the city and I got the JOB !!

So I need to find a place, to move, to start working, to move my horse, to deal with a few things in Paris… so I’m busy but happy !!


Workout this week

Monday : CXWork and 30 min walk

Thursday : 1h30min cardio (light cardio)

Wednesday : OFF

Thursday: I don’t remember if I went to the gym, so probably not …

Friday : OFF

Saturday : heavy weight lifting and 1 hour walk

Sunday : cardio (1h) and I was able to run 20 min !!

Today : CXWork (core training) and 30 min walk


So I took a lot of rest, I really need to be more committed ! But My job was a priority this week =)



Few easy snacks… Yummy snacks =)

Frozen raspberries and riccotta cheese !

Apple and dark chocolate

Apple and hazelnut butter and peanut butter


I’ll be in a new city, so I need to meet some people, make friends… It’s not the easiest thing for me… But I’m lucky, my sister lives here !


How do you do when you move in a new city ? Are you anxious about meeting new people? How do you make new friends if you don’t know anyone ??? (I feel like a need a “101 friendship” class :p)

Spa, scallops and shrimps


Hey ! How is everything going ??


So Sunday I lifted heavy, and it felt so good. I loved it ! I did chest, back, and arms ! The trainer showed me a new move for my biceps and I was sore Monday !

The afternoon, my parents invited me to the spa : sauna, hamam and jaccuzzi !

How relaxing! I really enjoyed it =)

After my talk with the trainer Sunday, I chose to try a fitness class.. Since my injury, I haven’t gone to a class and really missed it ! I need the instructor, the music, like-minded people …

So monday I chose to go to a CX30 class (Les Mills, see the video below) . It’s an amazing core training, no rest for 30 minutes, good music… Felt really good ! And my leg was fine !



Today, I did some light cardio for 1h30 ! Since I can’t do any sprints, I chose to make a longer workout…So I walked 10 min (a little inclined), then 20 min of elliptical, 10 min walk, biked for 20 min and finished with a 30 min walk.



I just wanted to share this awesome dish (I just no the ingredients, no the measurements)

Shrimps and scallops with coconut milk, tomato sauce, onions and curry!

My mother made this recipe but she doesn’t even know her measurements, she just does it …

So goooooooooood !


What is your favorite seafood ? Favorite fish ??




Today, I’m going to lift some weights with my father! It’s going to be cool and hopefully I’ll kick his ass  :p (my father doesn’t like heavy weight lifting). My plan for today is chest/back/arms (tri, shoulders, and biceps)!

And this afternoon, my parents invited me to the spa, so it’s going to be a really relaxing afternoon! I can’t wait!!



Some eats now…

Favorite breakfast of the week ! Coffee + cinnamon and dried fruits toasts with a lot of peanut butter and apricot preserves (no sugar added), mapple syrup ! DAMN GOOD !

Greek yogurt and hazelnut butter + half of a chocolate/hazelnut muffin (Starbucks). Moderation is the key =)

Hummus and crudites

Favorite dinner of the week : veggies and this “roll” made by my mother : Tuna, eggs and cheese !!

Easy and quick snack : Apple and dark chocolate =)

I changed my profile picture yesterday and I’m a little uncomfortable with the « blog and privacy » issue.  How do you deal with it? Are you cool with the fact that everybody can see who you are and your personal story?

Please Share, I’m really interested =) 

Healthy on a budget !


First of all, I wanted to share this, because when I saw it, I just laughed like crazy =D 

WEIRD, huh ?



My harmstring is stronger everyday ! I’m so happy. I was able to workout more this week (elliptical, short runs, upper body weight lifting !) It feels good ! I love sweating, I feel so high and hyper after my workout. And when I workout, I eat healthy, sleep enough… Just awesome !

I miss yoga, BodyPump and spin classes… But soon… =)



Live healthy on a budget …

My whole life, I was kind of spoiled by my parents (they are really generous with me, I travelled, they paid for my school… I’m really grateful for that) so sometimes I’m far from the reality when it comes to money. I never really checked the price of my food, if I  want some new clothes (not fancy brands though), I don’t really restrict myself. Careful, I’m not a spoiled girl, who can’t stand No for an answer or who wears design clothes…  Just, I’m not used to money issues, to check the prices, to live on a budget…

But we talked ! I’m about to start my own life, to have a work, a new place… And until I have a job, we decided that I’ll have a budget to get used to it ! I mean who go to Bahamas for the holidays or  try every new food available in the grocery store when they just start working and don’t have a huge salary ??? So I needed to get back to reality ! My childhood is over =) So I ask them to help me to be more realistic.

So I have a food budget and I’m grateful for that because it’s a good transition between my student life and my future life.

I was shocked when I discovered how expensive Starbucks is! I mean I used to go one or twice a day when I was in college in USA. Let’s do some calculus: 365*2 *2= 1460 $ a year !! (I don’t remember the price for a coffee so I say 2 $. When you save just ONE dollar every day, you save 365 $ a year…I love Starbucks, it brings me good memories, so I won’t stop to go, but not too often !


I’d rather save some money and travel to see my friends !

This takes me to my next point : Make priorities : I’d rather spend money on healthy food than expensive clothes, gym membership rather than a new laptop/iphone/technology stuff…

To save more money, I was thinking about cooking more legumes/grains (so cheap and healthy !).

For dairy and eggs, it’s important for me to buy organic, because it’s better for the animals and for my health =) I eat meat now (I used to be a vegan and vegetarian) but I make sure it’s free-range meat ! So I don’t want to save money on animal products (I’m talking about quality, not amount)

I don’t want to buy 100% organic as I used to (my bills are just crazy when I go to the organic grocery store ). I buy organic grapes, apples and tomatoes (because I eat the skin) But I don’t care if my almonds, my nuts, my sweets potatoes or bananas are organic or not.

Few or No prepared food (it’s healthier and cheaper). And I love to cook.

I don’t need to try everything new ! I feel like I’m a junky when I go to the grocery store and I buy every new thing !! It’s just insane !! So make a food list will help me !

Frozen berries and frozen veggies are convenient and really cheap too (in France at least).

I don’t need expensive anti-cellulite lotion because A. I don’t have cellulite (or not much at least) B. It’s more useful to eat healthy ! and C. It’s probably full of chemicals and other craps !


What are your budget tips ? What are your “budget priorities” ? Do you find it hard to live healthy on a budget ?

Have a great day !