When I saw this picture, I was shocked! The differences between a 120lb and 250lb woman! Some people workout so they can eat whatever they want, some because they want to look good, others because it gives them energy, or because it’s an accomplishment… Lots and lots of reasons to workout! But when I look at this picture, all I think is “being in shape is really really important and not only because you want to look good, but mostly because you want to feel good!”

When I gain some weight (just a few pounds), I have more joint pains, my lower back is painful…. And I’m not overweight… So if I were obese, I can’t imagine how painful it will be for me (Disclaimer : I’m really not judging people who are overweight, don’t get me wrong. Everyone is different, and as long as you are happy with your body, that’s all that matters =) ).  For my frame (small bones), I can’t gain to much weight or it will really hurt me… Like when I’m at my heavier weight (aka post holiday weight :p), I have more ankle pain when I run, my abs are not strong enough to keep my back straight, and I have less energy.

So right now, I’m still at my heavier weight and I don’t feel awesome. I did a bodypump class today and it wasn’t the best.

But I’m starting my new work Wednesday, so I’ll be really busy and be in my own place (now I’m at my sister). So I’ll stop eating (I eat when I’m bored ! Yeah kinda an emotional eater but I don’t feel guilty about it anymore !), and have a better workout schedule. I found a gym which is open at 7am (In France, most gyms are open after 9am !) so I’ll wake up at 6:30am, grab a banana or some dates, workout from 7 to 8, take a shower at my gym, eat my breakfast and be at work before 9am =). With this plan, I will be able to focus more on my work (once my workout is done, I don’t need to stress about it “If I’m leaving work too late, I won’t workout… How I’m gonna do it ?”. )

My new workout plan is :

Monday : Weight lifting (Full body)

Tuesday : Cycling

Wednesday : Cardio (Run most likely) (or BodyFlow at 8pm ?)

Thursday : BodyPump

Friday : Cardio (Run or elliptical)

Saturday : off

Sunday : BodyFlow (yoga/pilates/tai chi)


Or maybe I’ll workout Saturday instead of a weekday ?


Did you notice a big difference when you workout depending on you weight ? Energy levels ? Pains ?


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  1. I notice a difference when I’m a few pounds heavier and I workout. Everything seems harder & my knees will bother me when I run. My ankle has been hurting when I run so I know that’s because I didn’t eat very good last week. It makes me want to eat better when I know that if I don’t, my body won’t perform at 100% 🙂

  2. WOAH that’s insane, I am so glad I workout and maintain a healthy lifestyle, for sure. Being unhealthy and having an inflammatory diet/exercise behaviors (or lack thereof…) is so taxing on our bodies. Super eye opening fo’ sure.

  3. I’ve seen that picture before and it is really quite scary! I think that health should definitely be people’s number one goal when it comes to losing (or gaining) weight!! Your schedule sounds really good 🙂 If you keep up with it I reckon you’ll be back at your comfortable body again in no time!

  4. I thought I’d add that on the flip side of the weight/workout connection I’ve found that if I’m underweight it’s really hard for me to have the stamina and strength to work out properly. I experience a lot more aches, pains, fatigue and am much more prone to injury. So I guess the important thing is finding the proper balance.

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