Ready to move !



I’m ready to move !

I said goodbye to my therapist (I’ve been seeing her for one year and a half. I’m so thankful for all the time I spent at the hospital. She was great (I used to hate her at the beginning. But I went through ups and downs, and she was always there (I know that’s her job but still. She was really amazing and annoying sometimes: p . I used to go once a week (sometimes 2 when I really needed it) and the good thing: it was free (so no guilt for me =)) because it was at the hospital.

Anyway, Wednesday I went to the hospital, told her about my new job and that I was moving 7 hours from Paris. We talked and we both agreed that I didn’t need to find someone else, that I learnt a lot about myself, about life, my body, stress… I’m strong now and I feel that I come from far far faaaar away. I feel like I’m a totally different person than a few years ago. I feel peaceful about who I’m. I’m not ashamed of being weird sometimes ^^

I’m so grateful for my family, friends, the hospital, this community! And ME :p .

Ok ok, I won’t keep talking. I just needed to write it =)


I’m moving Tuesday! I’m gonna drive for 7 hours (at least…)…

Now I need to start packing and put my whole life in my car! It’s gonna be interesting… or not !



I had a great week for my workouts too!

Monday : CXWork and 30min walk

Tuesday : BodyFlow and 45’ walk

Wednesday : Weight lifting (back, chest, arms and abs) and cardio (10min walk and 20 elliptical)

Thursday : 30min walk and 30min run (I’m so happy because I’m able to run more now ! My leg is not fully recovered but it’s better !) and Abs

Friday : BodyFlow and 30min walk


I talked with the trainer today, and this week end I’m going to do some legs !!! I haven’t done any weight lifting (legs) for the past 2 months, so I’m gonna do some light weights and see how it goes. Fingers crossed =).

I’m also planning to go back to a BodyFlow class with my mom! She doesn’t workout but I almost convinced her =). I did pretty good this year: my father bought a gym membership and goes 2 (sometimes 3 !) times a week and he even started to weight lifting (Fun story : He used to run and I used to do more weight lifting. He asked me to join him for a run in the woods and I kinda lost him! Since then he does some weight lifting to have strong legs ahahha). And my sister just bought a gym membership (one month ago) because I can’t stop talking about how good I feel after working out (and because she wanted the same a**).

I like sharing my love for fitness, and I love even more sharing it with my family =)

And this week end, I also want to do some cardio (depends on my leg though).


A few eats?

Ricotta cheese, banana, hazelnuts and oats

Salad and veggie pizza (I love pizza!!! And sometimes it’s good to indulge..)

Hummus and chicken on rye bread


Do you workout with your family ? your friends ?

Does your family share your passion for fitness too ?


ANNNNND I FORGOT ! Those who live in Florida or California or a sunny place… Enjoy ! I’m jealous ! It’s -7°Celsius here (19° F). Too cold for me ….



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  1. I think we all hated our therapist at first! It’s pretty exciting that you can go without one now though. It’s a big step, but you sure deserve it! I love the idea of ricotta + oats! I need to try that!!

    • Thank you =) Yes I used to hate her, tried to lie to her and hide things about me. But I’m pretty sure she knew everything ahhaha . I’m really happy to be done =)

      Ricotta is one of my favorite cheese =)

  2. Oh good luck with the move!! Moving 7 hours away is a huuuge jump but it sounds like you have a fantastic attitude so I’m sure it’ll work out well for you 🙂 And I’m really pleased that you are feeling well enough to say goodbye to therapy for the moment, it sounds like you’ve come a really long way and I’m glad that you’re doing better! I’m craving pizza now that I’ve seen yours 😛

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