New job, new life, new city…


I was kinda MIA this week but I have a really good reason ! I was really busy. As I said I’m looking for a job. So I had a lots of phone calls this week, a few interviews (one went really really bad, I just wanted to punch the guy in the face… anyway…) and Friday I took a flight and went to an interview in the south of France. I had a few interviews on the phone with the company and loved the project they were offering… It went really well on the phone (with the HR and the project manager) so they wanted to see me ! And it was great ! I loved the company, the people, the project, the city and I got the JOB !!

So I need to find a place, to move, to start working, to move my horse, to deal with a few things in Paris… so I’m busy but happy !!


Workout this week

Monday : CXWork and 30 min walk

Thursday : 1h30min cardio (light cardio)

Wednesday : OFF

Thursday: I don’t remember if I went to the gym, so probably not …

Friday : OFF

Saturday : heavy weight lifting and 1 hour walk

Sunday : cardio (1h) and I was able to run 20 min !!

Today : CXWork (core training) and 30 min walk


So I took a lot of rest, I really need to be more committed ! But My job was a priority this week =)



Few easy snacks… Yummy snacks =)

Frozen raspberries and riccotta cheese !

Apple and dark chocolate

Apple and hazelnut butter and peanut butter


I’ll be in a new city, so I need to meet some people, make friends… It’s not the easiest thing for me… But I’m lucky, my sister lives here !


How do you do when you move in a new city ? Are you anxious about meeting new people? How do you make new friends if you don’t know anyone ??? (I feel like a need a “101 friendship” class :p)


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    • Not in Paris =) I’m leaving Paris and going in the south. I’m so excited about it ! More sun, the beach is not far, less traffic jams …. =). Thank you for your message !

  1. Congrats on the new job!!! So exciting!!

    I moved to a new city a few years ago, luckily only for 1 year. I was so scared, but met friends in the strangest places!

    One friend I met in the mall my second week there. I complimented her shirt and asked where she got it from. She said a store, but she just moved here and didn’t remember the name, but could show me! It helped that we were both strangers! haha.

    I also met a few friends from the program I was in and through networking.

    A single glass of wine helps sometimes, too 🙂

    Best of luck!!

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