Spa, scallops and shrimps


Hey ! How is everything going ??


So Sunday I lifted heavy, and it felt so good. I loved it ! I did chest, back, and arms ! The trainer showed me a new move for my biceps and I was sore Monday !

The afternoon, my parents invited me to the spa : sauna, hamam and jaccuzzi !

How relaxing! I really enjoyed it =)

After my talk with the trainer Sunday, I chose to try a fitness class.. Since my injury, I haven’t gone to a class and really missed it ! I need the instructor, the music, like-minded people …

So monday I chose to go to a CX30 class (Les Mills, see the video below) . It’s an amazing core training, no rest for 30 minutes, good music… Felt really good ! And my leg was fine !


Today, I did some light cardio for 1h30 ! Since I can’t do any sprints, I chose to make a longer workout…So I walked 10 min (a little inclined), then 20 min of elliptical, 10 min walk, biked for 20 min and finished with a 30 min walk.



I just wanted to share this awesome dish (I just no the ingredients, no the measurements)

Shrimps and scallops with coconut milk, tomato sauce, onions and curry!

My mother made this recipe but she doesn’t even know her measurements, she just does it …

So goooooooooood !


What is your favorite seafood ? Favorite fish ??


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  1. OH MY GOSH I love scallops and shrimp! That concoction your mom makes looks so delicious 🙂 I think my favorite fish is mahi mahi, but shrimp is a very close second heehee

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