Indian Food !


I had a wonderful dinner with my godmother. Fabulous dinner with a lot of food (I didn’t take any pictures, because I was busy talking !).

Some kind of tomato/fish pie with homemade mayo

Salmon with rice, veggies and cream sauce (made with Indian spices, so gooooooood)

Cheese and bread (the bread was delicious and I love goat cheese)

Dessert was a coconut pie (heavy in my stomach, but to die for !)


My belly was full of yummy food !!


I didn’t take any pictures, but I have some coconut pie leftovers. So I’m gonna take a picture and post the recipe later =)


It’s really hard for me to go back to my healthy habits. But today is the DAY, because right now, I feel pretty uncomfortable in my body (it’s not about the weight, just the feeling). I have a lot of cravings for junk food or sweets , my body is painful  : when I eat too much sweets, my skin/muscles hurt, I think it’s because of water retention. It sounds weird but my mother and sister have the same feeling. Do you have this kind of body pain when you indulge too much ? Or this is me being weird ?


I did go to the gym today because

  1. I had no energy ( this is a bad excuse because working out gives me energy, but I don’t feel like going)
  2. My gym is open from 10 am to 12 30 am on Sundays and I’m going to an Indian Restaurant with my ex-Roommate.  We are meeting at 12am but it’s far from my place so I need to leave at 11am. And I need to be ready, put some make up on my face, have breakfast … And I don’t wanna go to the gym for 20 minutes !! And this afternoon, I realized my gym was closed today !
  3. I love walking in Paris, and it’s gonna be my workout for today !


So I was careful with my food today.


I started my day with a yummy breakfast :

Hot lemon water with my fish oil and my vitamins (I use Opti-Women).

I cooked some oat bran with a rice/oat/pistachios milk (It’s a new one, I bought it to try ! I don’t like drinking it but I love it with my oatmeal). Once my oatmeal was cooked, I added a sliced pear and cooked it again (I love warm pear) and then added a spoon of pistachios butter !! (PISTACHIOS DAY)

Later I had a coffee and some Mate tea.


For lunch, I went to an Indian Restaurant with my friend and it was awesome !  A lot and a lot of food. We chose the brunch :

I chose the Indian tea, my friend took the hot chocolate. Then we had some Indian pancakes stuffed with some coconut and maple syrup.

Then we had some pineapple juice and this HUGE plate :

This plate is just for one person…Smoked salmon toasts, Chicken, White beans in tomato sauce, basmati rice, fried eggplant, fried potato, lentil curry, potato curry, scrambled eggs.

And finally we had some fresh fruits and some delicious yogurt sweetened with some syrup.

Our bellies were full!

We stayed for almost 3 hours, and we talked a lot. Then we went for a walk in the cold weather. I love walking in Paris! We went to a park.

We didn’t realize it, but we walked almost 1 hour and a half ! Not a workout, but it feels good !

Then we headed to Starbucks and had some green tea and coffee.

More tea when I came back to my place.

And tonight, I had some veggies and tuna (light meal ^^)

What is your favorite ethnic food ?


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  1. so glad you commented on my blog!! yours is so cute. i’ve never had indian food, but i’m DYING to try it! i had ethiopian food recently and fell in love with it!

  2. I absolutely LOVE Indian food, but can never find people to go eat it with me! Haha my friends at home loved it, but my cousin is the only person here in Chicago that likes Indian and I don’t get to see her much!

  3. Pistachio milk/butter sounds so good!! I wish we had that!! I used to feel really icky when I ate junk food, but then I started to eat it more and got used to it. I kind of wish that didn’t happen though, haha! Now I’d like to start phasing it out!

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