Workout Program



I enjoy working out and I’m open-minded when it comes to a new workout.

I’m currently looking for a job, not really able to workout so I have way to much time to think and overthink about EVERYTHING. And I start worrying, and I have more sweet cravings, and I’m bored, and I eat, eat and eat. It makes me feel sluggish and lazy. I hate this feeling.

So I need some plans ! Like fitness plans and fitness goals. I hope my injury will recover soon!


So this year, I want to :

Run an half marathon

Loose my belly fat and bodyfat (I don’t really care about my weight anymore)

Try a TRX Class (at my gym! )

Do more CX30 (It’s an amazing core workout from LesMills)

Focus on Yoga

Try BodyAttack, BodyCombat and BodyStep

Try also Sh’bam and BodyJam (I’m gonna be really bad at it !)

I’d like to try Crossfit, but we don’t have it in France :/

Ride my horse again (I kinda stopped when I had an huge accident a few years ago)

Have a poll dance class with my sister (planned in February !), it’s gonna be a lot of fun !

Go to the sauna at least once a week

I tried Bikram Yoga and liked it, but it’s really not convenient for me to go to the studio (too far from my place and expensive).

I have a gym membership and I can go to LesMills Classes (RPM, BodyPump, Bodyflow, BodyCombat…). I don’t want to do a 5 days a week weight lifting program. I like to lift 2/3 times a week, do cardio 3/4 times a week and 2 yoga/flexibility classes a week.

I feel like I’m balanced that way and that my body recovers better.


What do you think of my workout plan ? Have you tried TRX Training ?


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  1. I love your workout plan! I definitely want to do more weights once I get done with the 1/2 marathon training. We have some similar goals! I also want to lose body/belly fat & run a 1/2 marathon! 🙂 I definitely want to hear of your progress with everything!

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