Leg recovery



Easy workout for today (my harmstring is still recovering)

30′ walk+ 10’ Elliptical + 5’ walk


Sauna to sweat and relax; I love going to those warm rooms and just chill, stop thinking and worrying about life. Just breath =)


Because of my injury my doctor prescribed me 10 massages (for free :p). So I had my first session yesterday and it was cool. I hope my harmstring will be healed soon. It’s been more than a month now… But my doctor allowed me to walk and run a little. No yoga because I can’t strech, but I can lift weights for my upper body (no legs workout though).

After the massage, I was able to touch the floor with my fingers !! I used to be really flexible, but since I injured my leg, I can’t even touch the floor !!



Some eats lately…

Whole wheat pasta with some chicken, herbs, and french cheese (yeah sorry, but french cheese is the best :p ) + spinach

Chicken and zucchini with indian spices + beets and radishs

Salad + autumn mix(red rice, chestnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, nutmeg, butternut squash)

Huge salad (egg, smoked salmon, poppy seeds, squash seeds, radish, tomatoes, beets, herbs and sunflower seeds)

Mix of chicken/millet/grapes/squash seeds and marrocan spices + green beans and beets (yeah a lot of beets lately ! )

Salmon Sashimi + crudites+ Kombucha

I like having Kombucha because I feel like I’m taking care of my health, but the taste is kinda weird…

Do you drink Kombucha? For what reasons ?  


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