Breakfast !



I started running again yesterday. 45′ on the treadmill (30′ walking and 15′ running) and I loved it. I was really careful to my leg and listened to my body. So I stopped after 15 minutes because I really want my harmstring to recover as soon as possible. I miss my workouts !!

Today : Weight lifting >> upper body with heavy weights. I was a great workout, I’m gonna be sore for sure =)



Breakfasts lately…  It’s my favorite meal and when I start with an healthy and filling breakfast, I have a lot of energy and motivation for the whole day =)

I still wonder how some people keep skipping breakfast. If i dont eat it, I ll probably end up eating my arm before lunch ^^

I like variety but I’m also a peanut butter addict so most of my breakfasts have either peanut butter or hazelnut butter. Hazelnut butter is so yummy !

Whole wheat bread with peanut butter + raspberries and exotic fruits

Millet + eggs+ almonds + chia seeds + cinnamon+ vanilla soymilk+ dried mango

Greek yogurt + almond butter+ chia seeds + apple/mango sauce

Greek yogurt + sliced banana + chia seeds + peanut butter

Peanut butter + banana Toasts

Blueberry Overnight Oats : Kefir + oats+ oatbran+ flaxseeds+ chia seeds + bluberries preserve (no sugar added)


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