Pancakes time !



My medical appointment went well. But to help my harmstring to recover faster, I’m gonna have 10 kinesiolgy appointments (probably massages =) ). My doctor knows how important working out is for me. So she told me than I can walk, run a little (no sprints, and not fast) and keep lifting weights (upper body of course). But no stretch or yoga.

So yesterday : 45’on the treadmill, inclined walk to keep some muscles !



60 gr of chesnuts flour

60 gr of corn flour

One or two spoons of oat bran (Usually I use 125 gr of whole wheat flour, but I didnt have it so I used what I found !)

2 eggs

15 cL of vanilla soy milk

Baking powder

A spoon of hazelnut oil

Mix everything at night and cook it in the morning ! With mapple syrup, peanut butter, jam, banana…

So, Peanut butter and banana pancakes :



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