Chinese buffet =)



Yesterday I took a Bodyflow class and walked 30 minutes. And my harmstring hurts ! I can’t stretch it !

Today I planned on a legs workout… But I talked to the trainer and he was worried about my leg so I didnt lift weights today. When I explained to the trainer what happened (3 weird noises in my legs, I wasnt able to walk for 2 whole days, I almost blacked out…), he told me it was probably serious and that I need to see a doctor (my injury happened 1 month ago…).

So I need to call my doctor to see what’s up.

I try to pay attention to my body but sometimes I feel like my pain are fake ! I don’t trust myself, and feel like I’m always complaining or in troubles. I didnt see a doctor for my leg because I thought I was just to weak or sensitive and it was probably nothing…

I know the psychologist was shocked by that, because most of the time I dont trust myself and don’t go to the doctor (“that’s nothing, you are just week….”) and end up at the emergency room at the hospital… It happened a few times… I broke my arm when I was younger, and we discovered it 3 days later. Or once I spent one full day with 3 spins inside my body and when the doctors saw it, I had a surgery right away…

Anyway ! So my mission for the week : take care of my leg, see the doctor !

My mission for the rest of my life : listen to my body !

I feel kinda weird sometimes :p



Lunch with my mom : we went to the chinese buffet (thai salad, brocolis, spiced fish and shrimps, and salmon sushis : so not chinese lol). Yummy !

x 2 … (I need more than a plate :p )


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