Back on track


3 weeks of craziness and a few pounds later, I need to go back to a healthy lifestyle ! To eat clean, to workout, to sleep, to drink more water, to clean my place, to loose those little pounds :p. I feel sluggish and bloated and I hate it! I have no energy and some crazy sweet cravings. Lots of sugar highs and crashs…. So I need to go back on track ! I indulged way to much, didn’t sleep enough…

So yesterday, I really paid attention to my diet.




Weight lifting : upper body and abs

Walked for 30 minutes



Breakfast : oats with vanilla soymilk + sliced banana + hazelnut butter… awwwwwwwwwwwww, so good !


Lunch: green beans and tomatoes/onions/ curry /coconut milk chicken (TRY IT ! So good !)

Snack (after my workout) : greek yogurt + chia seeds + a lot of raspberry jam (no sugar added)

Light dinner tomatoes with poppy seeds and olive oil + salad with nuts/squash seeds/ dried grapes + smoked salmon and a carrot

And I woke up with more energy !!!


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