Happy New Year !


Sweet memories of 2011

Some really good eats in 2011. Lots of cakes and chocolate during the holidays. Way too much sugar in my blood !

Ice cream (Publicist Drugstore, Paris) : Chocolate, hazelnuts, brownies, whipped cream…

Reese’s Cheesecake (Cheesecake Factory, Orlando) ( I don’t wanna know how many calories :p )

XMas Cake ! My mom made it !! It was so tasty, good, addictive :p

XMas cake number 2 (from a Parisian bakery ). We ate it so quickly ^^

And more …


What happened in 2011

First 6K

First 10K

2 trips (USA)

Graduated from my engineering school

Lost some weight and went back to my initial weight

Balance between healthy and yummy

Eating disorders recovery

My Blog !

Changed my point of view about life. More positive, happy, less stress. Take more risks. Love myself more. Not take things personally. Keep moving… Huge personnal growth !!


Goals 2012

Run an half marathon

Focus more on yoga

Loose some belly fat

I want to try to eat a paleo diet for 2 weeks (to see how my body react, my energy level). It’ll be an experiment and a challenge !

Do a detox

Try some new workoutsEssayer de nouveaux cours de sport

Find a job and move

Plan a trip abroad

Keep in touch with my friends who live far far away from me (I miss them like crazy 😦 )

But keep living my life here and now. I miss my some of my friends, but I have friends here too and my family. I need to enjoy that and live the moment !

Take risks, move, keep going no matter what



Happy New Years ! Take risks, have goals and enjoy life !



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